37 Ways To Take Creative And Beautiful Wedding Pictures

There are many relatives, friends and bridesmaids at the wedding. It’s not enough to take pictures of the beautiful new people. You can’t shout out. It’s really a memory to leave pictures together. Today, I recommend a group of photographic poses for group photography. Since these poses, we don’t have to worry about not posing any more.

Many relatives and friends will take turns to take pictures of the bride and groom on the wedding day. The time will drag on for a long time. If you feel the smile on your face is beginning to become stiff, you may as well take a little rest, pat your cheeks and relax your facial muscles. If you choose a short wedding dress or a tight dress, relax your knees as much as possible and stretch one leg in front of your body when taking pictures. This will help lengthen the curve of your legs. Of course, if the chin is too close, even the neck lines will run out, it will be too late .What’s more, when photographing the whole body, hold your hands lightly on both sides of your buttocks to make your arms look slimmer. Similar effects can be achieved by opening the arms slightly to both sides of the body.

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