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35 Awesome College Bedroom Ideas May Spark You

There are more and more students choosing accommodation from middle school to university. How can the decoration of dormitory be arranged so as to have the warmth of home? In the student era, apart from their own home dormitory is the second home out, so how to decorate the dormitory?

The most frightening thing is the disorder of the dormitory decoration. It is most appropriate to use the locker to collect all the items. The school dormitory will be equipped with wardrobe or bookcase. The multi-functional dormitory which integrates reception, entertainment and learning, of course, cannot be too poor in dormitory decoration. The simplest dormitory decoration is to stick the wall to the wall beside the bed. One is to pay attention to beauty, and the other is to be afraid of powder or other bad dust when sleeping on the wall. If you want to personalize your dormitory decoration, you can buy smaller lights and stick them together along the bed or cabinet. When the light is turned off, the small lamp looks good.

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