Fresh Fruit Makeup You Need to Try When Taking Pictures

Summer is to eat tender fruits, so let’s draw a tender peach package. The peach makeup painted this time is very simple, but it will make you look good and lively. So it is an excellent way to take pictures. So if you are interested, pleased read on.

Because it is drama makeup, eyebrow brush is usually used to modify eyebrows. Use eyebrow powder of one size lighter than eyebrow color, brush eyebrow brush from eyebrow to eyebrow tail, only according to the original eyebrow shape, do not need to be deliberately decorated, eyebrow color can be in harmony with hair color. Clear eyes need long eyelashes to make eyes look more attractive. Mascara of course must be brushed. Prepare two eyelash clips of different sizes. First use large eyelash clip to curl the whole eyelash, and then use small eyelash clip to curl the eyelashes which are not easy to clip. Blush can make the whole face look soft and natural, and also make the cheekbones appear prominent, so that the facial color can be seen in a thick and musical way.

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