35 Delicious and Various Kinds of Sandwich For Your Breakfast

Today’s sandwich is no longer as single as it used to be. It has developed many new varieties. For example, there are sandwich with chicken or Turkey slices, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, with salted beef, Swiss cheese and pickles covered with Russian toppings on black bread slices, and “tea sandwich” with fish sauce, cucumber, celery and tomatoes, etc. In France, when making sandwiches, bread rolls or rolls are often used instead of bread. In the United States, “hot sandwiches” with beef in buns are the most common nutritious snacks; sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly are the main food for pupils and covered with Russian toppings on black bread. Sandwich served hot is expensive and mainly sold in high-end restaurants and ballrooms. In Britain, sandwiches with fish sauce, cucumber, celery and tomatoes in thin patches are specially designed for tea. In Scandinavian countries in northern Europe, sandwiches are no longer topped, but covered with delicate fish, sliced meat and salad.

Sandwiches are not only easy and quick to make, and is perfect for the fast pace of modern life, but also are very delicious. I can eat it three times a day. But think that if I eat the same sandwich every time, I will freak out. So, in this blog, I will show you 35 kinds of sandwich and if you are interested, you can check the source of the picture and learn how to do it.


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