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45 Best BOHO Chic Style for You

Every summer, all kinds of large-scale music season and outdoor activities come in succession. Travel has become an option for many people. Facing the high temperature climate and many travel opportunities, various summer battle gowns showing body curves must be indispensable, especially BOHO wind, which is the favorite travel style of many European and American supermodels and actresses. This summer, I think. Like them, they are the focus of attention as soon as they appear, so let’s see how to wear them. The word BOHO comes from the French word BOHO mien. Gypsies are born artists. They are born unconstrained and romantic. BOHO style combines the romance and freedom of Bohemian style with the free and unrestrained hippie style, which has been popular in the clothing industry for a long time.

Fashion styles range from Bohemian style full of holiday atmosphere to urban style with full sense. The brand emphasizes the sexuality of women’s curves. Therefore, various designs such as low chest, perspective and bare back are very common. Here we look for summer uniforms that can exhibit curves. BOHO style in clothing to use a large number of tassels, fur, exaggerated accessories, with a slightly decadent look: flawless bottom makeup, thick exaggerated eye makeup and natural flashing lip makeup is the main point of BOHO makeup.

BOHO style

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