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35 Japanese Decor Bring You Peace and Harmony

Japanese decoration style originates from ancient Chinese culture and modern western culture. The soul of ancient Chinese culture lies in the pursuit of purity and ease, while the soul of modern western culture lies in the pursuit of fashion in the enjoyment of beauty. First of all, we look for generality from ancient Chinese culture, then “natural tranquility” becomes one of the characteristics of Japanese decoration style. We generally see the Japanese style of decoration brings the overall feeling of being close to nature, simple and generous. For example, choose some log household, and through the technology to maintain the true nature of solid wood. This is equivalent to the pursuit of purity and nature in cultural connotation. In addition, the Japanese style of decoration contains strong culture, such as the strong stereo sense of doors and windows, as well as the relatively low desks, chairs, bookshelves and wardrobes, the most distinctive is that tatami with wooden floors, in addition to the color level and national culture, on which is the use of wooden floors and Japanese footwear collision can show the national sound effect. Traditional Japanese style decoration is often mostly displayed in their bedrooms and study. For the kitchen and living room, they tend to prefer to join the fashion elements of Western culture. This also inherits the more friendly and protective side of Japanese culture, and also shows the more self-dignity and personal image in Daiwa culture.

Japanese style, also known as harmony, pursues a leisure and casual mood of life. Spatial modeling is very concise. Clear lines are adopted in the design and curves are abandoned. It has a strong sense of geometry and pays attention to practicability, uniqueness and naturalness. The biggest difference between Japanese style and European style is to abandon luxury and pay more attention to expressing elegant, simple and profound through artistic effects. In which, people have a sense of integration with nature, so native wood is an indispensable material for Japanese style decoration. The result of natural elements with personal visual influence is that people can be peaceful and calm, which is complementary to the rise of Zen in Japan at that time. Even if the walls have gorgeous patterns, they are gorgeous but not disorderly, with a deep impression of ancient China. It has not seen much in our life, so we have little knowledge of it. There is no big red and green color in Japanese style. Most of them use pure logs. They are not only environmentally friendly and healthy, but also have a more comfortable home environment and no restraint to live in. They make the residents feel as if they are in the fragrance of the woods, which makes them refreshing and refreshing. In this fast-paced era, a concept of “slow life” has been conveyed.

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