36 Orange Makeup Make You Hotter in Summer

Orange is a vibrant color; lively girls absolutely need an orange makeup. Summer is such a lively season, an orange makeup can make you look smart and dazzling, in the hot summer make you look hotter, attract everyone’s attention in the street. At the same time, this is also a very suitable makeup to go to the beach holiday, blue sea collision orange makeup will make you more beautiful, very suitable for taking some beautiful photos. So how does orange make-up look good? Today I’m going to introduce some orange make-up. The girl who wants to try this kind of make-up can start with my steps.

First of all, you need to complete some basis makeup and of course it includes skin care steps. And next, I will show you some basis makeup steps for orange makeup. Step1: apply the light orange eye shadow to the upper eyelid. Step2: apply golden pearl eye shadow to the upper and lower eyelids. Step3: the upper and lower eyes are stained with brown pearl eye shadow to deepen the outline of the eyes. Step4: then draw black upper eyeliner, then rub the mascara on the eyelash, make it thick and curly; brush the cheeks with coral blush. Step5: Orange or red lipstick on your lips. Finally, you can add some brave and innovative ideas to your makeup using your creativity. Vigorous orange make-up you must try.

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