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35 Fashionable Outfits in “The Devil Wears Prada”

On the way to dream and happiness, how can we keep our original purpose and innocence when facing the objection, others’ view and the blind following environment, really make me think heavily. Through that movie, we know that to be a journalist, Andy gave up her opportunity to go to Stanford University and the original purpose she went to Runway being Miranda’s assistant was help her open lots of door. And at first she laughed at her colleague and kept her own style. However, as a series of things happening, she changed gradually. Fashioned clothes made her acquaint lots of different people, serious attitude to work put her into an important position, meanwhile, busy work made her get distant with her friends and family. What’s worse, she even forgot to write. Fortunately, she realized her missing and was be herself at last.

It’s wonderful to pursue our dream and happiness, however, in the materialistic age; we may always be lost in money, power and glory. I believe that all the official hope to serve public at first but as time goes on, some of them forget their dream and become the one he ever hates deeply. We hope to live a happy life, but what a happy life means? Harmony family, close friends, healthy body, good income, and what’s more, doing things you love. The problem is that when trying hard to achieve those we are likely to be buried in the busy work for great income and power which seems to be the guarantee, getting away from our love, losing our health, suffering the pain from the boring and disgusting job. Just like Miranda in this movie, resplendent and confident in public, but when it comes to her private life, the dragon lady is so tender and sensitive. What I talked above is not mean to criticize anyone in that movie or any kind of people in real life. Everyone has his choice on the way of life, his own style of life and the pursuit of life. Whatever happens, to be yourself can always make you happy and enjoy the life, just like Nate and Nigel. This is a good movie and maybe it doesn’t mean for those luxury brands of cloths, but the outfits in this movie still fashionable and there are many tips for the outfits we can learn. So if you are interested, pleased on.

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