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35 Nice Bookshelves Inspiration Spark Your Idea

Now that science and technology are so developed, I believe that many people seldom read paper books. So for most people, the study is nothing but a small bedroom or a sundry room. But some bookworms still want to have a study or shelf to satisfy them. If you are a bookworm and choose to have such a bookshelf at home, I’m sure you don’t want to waste space on it anymore. Therefore, I will show you four kinds of bookshelf designs in this blog and I do really want these can help you. With them, your home will be upgraded as a whole.

Frist, wooden bookshelves now have too many kinds of materials, such as metal, wood, composite materials, etc. But only wooden bookshelves can give people a gentle feeling, reading is to release their soul, wooden materials look natural and comfortable, feel warm and textural, put in the home and various decoration styles are very suitable for collocation. Second, the partitioned bookshelf not only can put our books, but also has a unique function – “partitioning effect”. The wooden bookshelf is used as a functional area to partition. It has a wider, more thorough and more beautiful vision. The bookshelf of wall type must be placed in the corner or near the wall, which is beautiful and convenient. Now there is a very popular way to integrate bookshelf and collection into a whole, directly into the wall, so as not to worry about the instability of the bookshelf, but also to achieve its proper function. Special-shaped bookshelves can also become creative bookshelves. Many manufacturers will make special shapes of bookshelves. For example, corner bookshelves can be placed in corner places; tree-shaped bookshelves, shape is a book, meaning that every book is the fruit of trees; ladder bookshelves, bookshelves into stairs, so that books become a ladder for your progress. Does it sound great? Our home design is not only practical, but also more fun if we add some creativity to it.


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