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35 Beautiful Floor Lamps Light Up Your Life

Every night, home is the ultimate destination, accumulated a day of dusty servants, sophisticated human feelings, a beautiful floor lamp can not only illuminate us, but also create an atmosphere for our life, lying in such a warm place, a day’s fatigue may also be reduced by half. Whether Japanese style or Nordic style or other styles of floor lamp are very elegant and practical, and then let me introduce some texture and practical floor lamp!

First is simple floor lamp. American simple floor lamp is really beautiful, using natural marble base, black fashion slightly with natural texture, thick and steady. The lamp body is adjusted at 180 degrees, and the lamp pole joints are flexible, convenient and fast. The lampshade is made of baked white lacquer iron lampshade, which is durable, anti-corrosion and anti-rust. There is the most classic black and white style, fashion and quality are very strong, coupled with very simple shape design, very suitable for Nordic minimalist style or modernist style of home decoration, switch design is also much humanized, daily use is very convenient. Second is Lantern with Table. This American Lantern with Table is made of primitive wood, with simple and retro charm, ultra-modern abstract design and modern appearance. Modern, retro, European, Chinese and other styles can be easily controlled. At this time, you can use this American floor lamp to decorate, bring beauty, but also have a certain lighting effect, better lighting the warm atmosphere of home, but also in the fast-paced life, looking for a spiritual comfort. Flexible and changeable shape, multi-grade color temperature and light adjustment, find their own comfort and comfort, so that sleep more comfortable. And third is Tea table floor lamp. the floor lamp and tea table into one, very creative design. The tea table panel of logs can meet the needs of aesthetics, lighting and placing goods at the same time. Delicate hand-made cloth lampshade hand-made, humanized design, rich texture, good light transmission effect, easy to clean.

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