36 Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet Make You Shinning

Bride holding flowers is essential for the wedding. When the groom gently hands them to the bride on the wedding day, the bride holds them tightly from the door to the church until the end of the wedding, throwing them to another woman who is looking forward to happiness… Love and hope are flying among the petals. Although it is only a bunch of small flowers in hand, it carries the happy love and happy future of the new couple. An eye-catching handheld flower not only makes the bride’s shape more perfect, but also is an important witness for the bride to experience happy moments! Flowering stems from an ancient custom: ancient Westerners believed that strong spices and herbs (even garlic and chives) could protect people at weddings from bad luck and disease. Later, this custom was inherited and gradually had more meanings. One of the most widely circulated statements is that when an unmarried woman receives a bouquet thrown by the bride at a wedding, she will be blessed and become the next bride to marry.

At weddings, holding flowers is an indispensable ornament; let’s follow the Cannes impression to learn what different colors of holding flowers have different meanings. The ribbon bow around the wine-red flowers fills up the slightly scarce ones. Ostrich feathers become the most unique decoration in the bouquet; Pink and pink are girls ‘favorite romantic colors. I believe this bouquet will become the bride’s favorite. Light pink roses show the girl’s delicate and shy Pink Pearls hidden in the flowers, symbolizing the bride holding the bunch of flowers as beautiful as pearls. Orange, this dark mango bouquet is full of low-key exotic flavor. The orange white spruce rose has many layers of petals, which seem to be whispering about the sweetness and lingering of love; the dark mango Calla Lily becomes an irregular note in the rose, which adds rhythm to the holding of flowers and symbolizes the passion and vitality of dull life; the thick leaves of tropical banana leaves become the most appropriate “green ribbon”. Embrace the warm flowers tightly. White is undoubtedly the most classic color in the wedding. White series of handheld flowers are also the classic choice for brides. White handheld flowers are pure and elegant. They not only match wedding dresses, but also match other colors in wedding. So if you are interested, pleased read on.

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