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37 Fantastic DIY Vase Make You Home Special and Unique

Vase is a kind of vessel, mostly made of ceramics or glass, with beautiful and smooth appearance; noble people have beautiful plants made of expensive materials such as crystal, which are used to hold flower branches. The bottom of vase is usually filled with water to keep plants active and beautiful. A total of vases of modern home decorations, just practical is not enough. More and more designers incorporate ingenious ideas and apply the function of beautifying home to ordinary home decorations. Ceramic vases are fragile articles. Many people like to put potted plants in their homes, hoping to add a natural flavor to their homes. If you can cooperate with a unique vase, not only can the plants inside bring a little greenness to the house, but also the vase itself can be used as a small ornament to decorate the home. Therefore, the choice of vases is very important. Glass vases, pottery vases and color vases have their own styles. The most important thing is that the arrangement of vases should be in line with the surrounding environment in order to create a vibrant atmosphere.

However, the good-looking and novel vase on market often is very expensive, and the vase style that wants to choose completely to unify with the style in the home is more extremely difficult. So why not try your hand at creating your own one-of –a –kind vase from bottles or tins. If you are interested, pleased on.

DIY vase

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