35 Dazzling Star Makeup Make You Like Star

How can you make yourself look more dazzling and special without any idea in this era of overflowing beauty? Star makeup is very special, beautiful with a little naughty. Performing arts and fashion circles are always beautiful women. If you want your make-up to be beautiful and unique, you can’t do without star makeup! So in this blog, I will show you how to draw a star makeup. If you are interested, pleased read on.

Star makeup is easy to draw, but there are still a few points to note. Firstly, the focus is on the clear and flawless bottom makeup. Don’t do it too heavily. It doesn’t matter if there are a few blemishes on your face. It’s clean and refreshing. Second, the eye ground with the matte eye shadow, the main role is to modify the outline of the eye, and add a small amount of bright powder to the corner of the eye, and embellish the star patches to create a unique sense of sparkle. Third, in this makeup, the eyebrow is the key. Do not rely on the Xiaoping brow again. The tall European mixed eyebrow is the king’s way. Last but not least, the most important thing is that the blush lipstick is predominantly nude and cannot grab the stars. Okay, can’t you control the flood and famine in your body? Get up and play with fashion and you can do it as long as you do it!

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