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35 Elegant Wedding Hairstyle Match Your Wedding Dress

When your lover puts on a beautiful wedding dress for you, when she pulls up her long hair for you on the wedding day and shakes her head with pearls and emeralds, it is the best moment. When you wear exquisite makeup, walk on the wedding stage, step by step as you walk past. On that day she was your fairy. Today I will continue to share some wedding hairstyle with you.

In the wedding ceremony, the simple pill head can also rely on aesthetics to be more immortal than others. Some people will ask how to get a pill head at a wedding. It is relatively simple to add a little decoration on the pill head, but it does not lose some stylized shapes. The best choice is to add some small decoration on the pill head. Sometimes you can simplify or improve some of the shapes, but also give a very good effect. But one thing to note is that high-collar retro clothes, in fact, when all combed together, will stretch the neck line. You can also choose to make the age-reducing high-profile hair. In this way, the long hair can be curled, because the bride’s hair is very long, so when choosing to make a shape, she can put it up. First is to weave hair, when weaving hair to the plate, so that both fluffy feeling can also reduce the weight of the pills. There is also a sense of retro when people look at it from the front. A small accessory can be added to the right side of the ear after the hair has been coiled; it gives the impression of wearing ear studs. So when they get married, fairies with long hair can choose such an age-reducing high hair set, which is very beautiful. If you are interested, pleased read on.

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