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35 Colorful Sofa Make Home Fantastic

Sofa is the main role in the living room, its choice and collocation is particularly important, different styles are different choices. A good-looking sofa makes your living room unique and instantly improves the living room style. New house decoration is very important in the early stage. Choosing different decoration styles according to the size of the apartment, first of all, we will choose a style that suits our own apartment and likes it. Then, we will fill in the furniture and details. If we use simple stacking materials, such decoration will have no aesthetic feeling and disorder. Most of the min colors of home design are black, white and grey, but this kind of color is cold and serious, it is easy to appear that the home is cold and not to warm. So why not choose a colorful sofa to decorate your home.

The origin of sofa can be traced back to ancient Egypt around 2000 BC, but the real meaning of soft-packed sofa appeared in the late 16th century to the early 17th century. At that time, the sofa was mainly filled with natural elastic materials such as horsehair, bird feathers and plant fluff, and covered with velvet, embroidery and other fabrics to form a soft human contact surface. For example, the popular Farthingale chair in Europe at that time was one of the earliest sofa chairs.

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