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35 Fantastic bathroom design ideas will spark your creativity

Bathroom occupies an increasingly important position in our home design, at the same time; the bathroom plays a more and more important role in our life. In today’s increasingly tense interpersonal relationships, in an increasingly stressful work life, our private space is constantly being squeezed and curtailed. In the bathroom we can think without being disturbed. It seems that only the bathroom has become our own space to be relaxed and we can truly ease. Imagine what could be more pleasant than soaking in hot water and listening to our favorite song in the bathroom when we finish our busy day, put away fake smiles and stiff smiles, experienced annoying traffic jams and crowded metros? So in this blog, I will show you some ideas of bathroom design which may spark your creativity of your home decor. If you are interested, pleased read on.

First of all, the style of the bathroom should be unified with the whole decoration style of the room. And you can achieve this goal by using the same floor and the same color of wall. Second, it is the place you can relax yourself, so the whole design must be the kind you like. You can put some personalized ornaments to show your personality. Third, the design of the bathroom should be convenient and reasonable. For example, toilet paper should be placed next to the toilet, and the bath fluid should not be too far from the bathtub. Finally, you can put some plants into the bathroom in order to make you feel much happier.

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