35 Attractive and Perfect Hairstyle for Beach Make You Clear and Lovely

Summer is the season to go to the beach and play with water anyway! People usually attach most importance to not only the lovely swimsuit and makeup, but also the hairstyle! Seawater and sea breeze will make girls ‘hair wet and knotted make-up beautiful, swimsuit cute, chaotic hair style can destroy everything! So, this time I want to share with you eight beautiful hairstyles, even if not to go to the beach, you can also learn, the turnaround rate must be very high!

First is absolutely fishbone braid. Fishbone braid is a favorite style for many girls when they go to the beach. It’s simpler than the third-hand braid. It’s very suitable for girls with short hair and medium and long hair. The short braided fish bones look simple and slightly lively. Practice: Divide the hair of Lithia and behind the ear into two sides. Start with Lithia and add the remaining hair after the ear. All back high ponytail styling is also a common beach hairstyle, in addition to making the whole human visual proportion look more selective, but also clean and neat to close the hair. But a single bunch of tall ponytails is so common! This high ponytail has many fine braided decorations. Looking from the side, the twist braided is hidden in the ponytail, and the cuteness immediately improves! Practice: First, one of the ears of the hair bundles into two thin twist braids, then tied together with other hair into a high ponytail, and then takes a small bunch of hair in the ponytail into a braid; the braiding method is very simple. It would be out of date if you were still tying a tall pill head! Nowadays, many girls begin to tie double pill heads. They can decide the height of pill heads according to their face shape. They can not only modify the face shape, but also make the shape look more changeable and livelier. The position of the double pill head is positioned directly behind the ear, which is elegant and witty; while the double pill head is tied to a higher position, it will be more youthful and lively. Practice: First, the hair behind the ear is divided into left and right sides, each tied into a ponytail and twisted the hair bundle, then fixed with a hairpin, you can also pull a little hair out of the ear for facial modification!

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