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36 Creative and Modest American Country Interiors for Leisure Life

American Country interiors originated mainly from the eighteenth century American pioneers ‘residence style. At that time, pioneers were poor and their residence layout was implicit and conservative. Every flower and grass around them were decorated, even the air smelled of grass. It stem from country house built centuries ago, where the design was modest, proficient, and practical. Blending these traits with today’s designs creates a home with a chic country feel. Interiors are generally a mixture of furnishings from various eras gone by, such as antique pieces handed down through the generations, completed with the cleaner lines of modern furniture. This allows for an unexpected yet inviting union of old with new. Likewise, upholstery and window treatments must promote balance within their space. Through the use of gingham, muted floral and natural textures, textiles are indispensable to the rooms design. Pairing well-worn wood with a tailored textile creates the coordination a country home is so well known for.

Country homes frequently include an abundance of the color white. Not essentially bright white but warm whites with age and character. From bead board to whitewashed floors, this color is found throughout the home. However, country interiors are far from bland. Traditional primary colors are often seen enlivening these spaces. Muted or vibrant, these tones offer a sense of simplicity and country authenticity. Maintaining this authenticity though does not mean one must embrace the ‘shabby’ appearance aged paint acquires. Freshening up shedding paint is always acceptable, unless this aesthetic fits in with the rooms design. So if you are interested, pleased read on.

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