35 Sexy Makeup Ideas for Valentine’s Day Will Inspire You

Bob Marley said: He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. It is love. Your lover is the most important part in your heart. There is a festival for couples, and that is Valentine’s Day. Hauk Murakami once said: Rituals are a very important thing. When you drink milk, you specifically wipe off the white foam for me. It’s a ritual. When you go out, you deliberately adjust my tie. It’s a ceremony. You cut a cake on your birthday firstly is a ceremony. In fact, the ritual is to make the original monotonous ordinary things different. Rituals are to make us feel awe for what we care about. So, having a gorgeous makeup for Valentine’s Day is also an important ceremony. How can we have a beautiful makeup?

The key point of makeup is to emphasize the sexy, gentle and atmospheric side of female, and to highlight the outline of the face. When we talk about the hair color: black, light linen, etc. can be selected according to different workplace. It emphasizes that the eyelashes are thick, slender and curly. Why not choose blushes of different colors with different skin color. The emphasis is on the line outline of the face. What’s more, it is better to use lip liner, lip brush, with different lip colors to produce clean and clear lips with clear outline. Therefore, draw a beautiful make-up to meet your beloved half.

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