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35 Luxury and Well-designed New Chinese Interior Decor Will Inspire You

The gradually popular Chinese style decor in China is a kind of copy of the Ming Dynasty household culture in ancient China, in which many factors are mixed. First of all, Chinese style decor naturally mixes with the European and American cultures in the modern society. Chinese style decor is one of the relying factors. Of course, it is not a simple superposition of traditional cultural elements. In the eyes of designers, Chinese style is no longer equal to the old rigidity, but instead is close to nature and plain. Secondly, as the second largest economic entity in the world, all kinds of buildings are rising every day. Chinese-style decoration, in the modern decoration concept, has been appropriate integration, is no longer a complete sense of the traditional mode.
So, when we carry out home decoration, how can we create a suitable Chinese-style decoration of the home?

Chinese decorative materials mainly consist of wood. They are exquisite in carving, painting and elegant in shape. They mostly use high-grade hardwood such as sour wood or sandalwood. After careful sculpture by master craftsmen, each work has a wonderful story. Every work can make people miss the past and have a good yearning for the future. The walls and floors of Chinese decoration are no different from ordinary decoration. White latex paint or light wallpaper can be used on the walls, and wood floors, stone, floor tiles and carpets can be used on the floors. The color is mainly dark and steady, because the color of Chinese furniture is generally deep, so that the color of the whole room can be coordinated, coupled with red or yellow cushions, cushions can foil the atmosphere of the room, which can also better show the connotation of classical furniture. In space, layers are emphasized, partitions are made by windows and screens, solid wood frames are used to fix the brackets, and lattice carvings are used in the middle to make primitive patterns. So if you are interested, pleased read on.

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