35 Wedding – Find Your Perfect Match and Enjoy It

Marriage is a legal union or contract made up of two people living together. It is a combination of wealth, psychology and physiology of both sides in terms of manifestation, and a specific social covenant of both sides in essence. Since the emergence of human society, the main means to standardize the integration of the two sides are customs, ethics and law. Marriage motivation is not only to satisfy sexual needs, but also contain more complex motivation, including resonance of souls, ideological resonance and love. However, Falling in love is the easiest part. What we want from love is a guarantee, not just that we were loved today, and that we will be loved tomorrow, but that we will continue to be loved by the person we loved indefinitely.

People always cannot move on because they do not think this guarantee could be forever and they always want to find the shortcut to falling in love. There might be a way to somehow mitigate some of the risk involved. Falling in love feels amazing, but also terrifying. The moment you admit to loving someone, you admit having a lot to lose. But, please believe me, it is absolutely worth. Both of you are not perfect, and the two of you will never be perfect. But when you are together, you are perfect. That is why we choose to marry, to make ourselves perfect. Therefore, marriage is worth. In this blog, let me show you couples of sweet newlyweds and their love stories. What’s more, I will show you some fashionable way to decorate your wedding. Finally, wish all of you can find your perfect match. So if you are interested, please read on.

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