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35 Scandinavian interior design – Positive Attitude toward Life

Home interior design and style not only represent your personal taste, but also show your attitude toward life. Minimalist style may have come and gone, but there is an iteration of clean design that will never go out of style. I’m very aware that I have quite a few readers in North America who love Nordic design as much as I do. Therefore, in this blog, I will introduce the Nordic design to you. Nordic design (Scandinavian interior design) refers to the artistic design style of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland in the northern European countries (mainly referring to interior design and industrial product design), which has the characteristics of simplicity, naturalness and humanization. When you think of mid-century Scandinavian design, you probably picture iconic creations by the likes of Arne Jacobsen and Carl Hansen. However, over time, the modern Scandinavian style has been sought after by more and more young people, who advocate a free, simple and placid attitude towards life, while paying more and more attention to the quality of life. Think of a peaceful and beautiful home that delights you, sparks your creativity and those closest to you every single day. Now, the Nordic way of life is available to you, regardless of your home country. If you embrace the values of functional design and a natural lifestyle, you can enter the world of Nordic living and increase your quality of life and positive attitude towards it. And it’s no wonder the style is so popular.

Nordic style décor is very different from other home design style. It has its unique feature. First, Nordic style is different from the formalism of pursuing fashion and commercial value such as decorative art style and streamlined style. It is concise and practical, reflecting respect for tradition, appreciation of natural materials, restraint of form and decoration, and striving for unity of form and function. In building interior design, it is the top, wall and floor of the interior. Decorate with patterns and patterns, only use appearances and color blocks to distinguish embellishments. Second, in terms of furniture design, there is Nordic furniture without carving or decoration at all. In fact, furniture products are also in various forms. If they have anything in common, they are concise, direct, and close to nature. A quiet Nordic style is by no means a delusive vanity design. So, how can we decorate Nordic style? According to its characteristic, we have better to choose soft lighting. What’s more, to add texture and subtle color to your Scandinavian interior and decorate your couches with throws and pillow that have simple geometric prints are also good ideas. Considering decorating your Scandinavian living room with indoor plants and fresh blossoms is a blameless and easy way to decorate Nordic style. There’s a particular color palette that’s associated with the Scandinavian decor and this includes the kinds of grays, whites, browns, and blacks. So when decorating a Scandinavian living room, concentrate on the use of these neutral colors in order to make a clean and calming effect to your Scandinavian home design. One of the most important characteristics of a Scandinavian interior design is in making sure that the space is clutter-free. So we need to avoid to putting so many ornaments into our living room. In conclusion, we need to make our home clean and comforting. That is not very difficult, isn’t that?

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