54 Cascade Wedding Bouquets For Charming Brides

Among the group of flowers in the wedding, the most attractive eyes, the most important status is the bride’s bouquet. The most widely circulated statement about the bouquet is that if an unmarried woman receives a bouquet from the bride at the wedding, she will find her happy partner. A delicate bouquet of flowers is the most beautiful decoration of the bride’s wedding day, and it is also a beautiful item to record and carry the happiness of the new couple’s marriage.

The cascade wedding bouquet, also known as the “tailed bouquet” and “waterfall-shaped bouquet”, is the most classic and formal bridal bouquet in Western countries. This style was used in the wedding of the British royal family. The shape of this bouquet is very eye-catching. When the bride picks up the bouquet, the long tail hangs slowly from the bride’s hand, matching the bride’s white wedding dress, the overall look is both slim and elegant. This trailing hand is suitable for a full-bodied or tall bride, and the petite girl is carefully selected.