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37 Cool Bay Window Decorating Ideas

There are bay windows in the room, which is both romantic and practical. Has become a lot of white-collar yearning decoration design. How should the bay window be designed to bring its charm and value? The bay window is the “floating window”. It is generally rectangular or trapezoidal to the outside, and is equipped with glass on all three sides. The height of the window sill is also lower than that of ordinary windows, so that the lighting can be increased over a large area, so that the indoor space It is visually extended.

If the area of the bay window is large enough for lighting, ventilation and visibility to occupy favorable conditions, the bay window can be designed into a multi-functional space. Among them, let the bay window become a strong storage treasure in the home, taking into account the beauty and practicality, can greatly improve the space utilization rate, is also a design form commonly used by people.