Room Design

45 Brilliant Closet Organization Ideas

Having a practical and beautiful closet is almost a dream for many urban men and women. But the cramped living environment itself is already overcrowded, not to mention the extra space to create a separate closet room. But in fact, it is not impossible to build a small closet room in the bedroom. There is always a high estimate. In fact, as long as you design it well, your closet room can be practical without a sense of ritual. The wardrobe is not only a very important piece of furniture for the bedroom, but also an equipment library for the goddess friends. How to classify different clothes to store and place, so finding clothes is no longer a troublesome thing, it is necessary to rely on the design of the wardrobe to help you solve these problems.

The long, narrow and high space is very suitable for the cloakroom. Whether it is shoes, bags or hats, it can be piled up and enjoy the advantages of height. But this design, don’t forget to add one to the cloakroom. Put the folding chair. The eye-catching aspect of the entire cloakroom is the careful design of the wardrobe. The drawers in the depth and depth are layered and the vertical storage rack is the storage place for the owner’s tie and scarf. The entire wardrobe is customized according to the house curve, whether it is hanging or folding storage, has made a reasonable partition. You can check below designs to get some inspiration to decorate your closet room.