47 Unique and Beautiful Wedding Cake for Your Wedding Day

The wedding cake at the wedding is a key point for new people to pay attention to. Customized and delicious wedding cakes can not only become a beautiful scenery on the wedding, but also represent the sweet love of the newcomers, and let the guests who attend the wedding feel the creativity of the wedding. If you choose to buy cakes directly, you can choose one of your favorite cakes at the cake shop. If you want to design a unique wedding that is exclusive to your wedding, you can get inspiration from some wedding magazines or other people’s weddings. The designers communicated and made their own happy wedding cake. In addition to the basic shape of the cake itself, some personalized decorations are also very extra points, such as fruit, creamy flowers, sugar-coated leaves, exquisite atmosphere.

Different countries and regions, people have different requirements for wedding cakes, and there are different places for weddings. This determines the choice of cakes. For example, if you are holding a wedding outdoors, you usually do not use whipped cream, egg icing and cream ice cream as raw materials. Adding shortening with vegetable oil to the cream ice cream icing will greatly increase the heat resistance of the cake. Here are a huge choice of wedding cake ideas, from floral sprays to chocolate and icing decorations, you will be sure to find what you are looking for!