56 Best Flower Bouquet Ideas For Your Unforgettable Big Day

The bouquet is just a bunch of small bouquets, but it carries the happy love and happy future of the newcomer. A striking bouquet of flowers not only makes the bride’s styling more perfect, but also an important testimony to the bride’s happy moments! The hand-held flower originated from the ancient civilization of the West. It is the guardian of the wedding and can protect the people at the wedding from the bad luck and disease. Speaking of the bride’s bouquet, the seemingly small bunch actually contains a relatively large design concept.

In the West, there will be flowers accompanied by illness and death. Especially in the sacred moments through the wedding passage and the marriage, the groom usually stands on the right side of the two, and the bride holds the flowers. We can think of it as a lady bag on the left hand, depending on the way of use and the wedding scene, the height of the bride, the dress, etc., so we can roughly imagine the size and outline of this floral work. Whether your wedding style tends toward the tradition or the trendy, these arrangements are just as magical as your special day. Look at these bouquets that brides have rocked and get inspired!

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